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Enhancing Observity and AIOps with BMC Helix Toolkit

BMC Helix has been one of the most preferred ITSM solutions helping organizations increase their productivity and profitability. You can manage IT Services and achieve faster innovations by adopting agility.

BMC Helix introduces new innovative features to help you attain better business outcomes. BMC Helix Toolkit with AIOps is the latest innovation commonly discussed in the ITSM industry.

You can adopt practices and tools to enhance IT operations and development. It is the meaning and motive of DevOps. The BMC Helix Toolkit with AIOps brings the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI-Natural Language Processing) to increase your service efficiency.

The article reveals the features and benefits of this latest toolkit and helps you understand the significance of working with the best BMC Helix Implementation Partner to get the benefits. Keep reading to analyze how migrating to BMC Helix Toolkit with AIOps transforms your business.

An Overview of AIOps

The latest innovation that helps you leverage Artificial Intelligence for syncing, monitoring, and managing IT operations is AIOps. It aims at improving service availability and delivery by monitoring complex IT operations, streamlining them, and standardizing them for the highest possible business outcomes.

Enterprise IT Operations can be synchronized through an AIOps solution. In short, AIOps makes the most effective use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline and automate IT Operations, including correlating events, detecting flaws, and determining service issues.

Automating, enhancing, and improving IT processes can be possible by adopting multi-layered tech platforms using AI, ML, and predictive analytics. AIOps systems leverage Big Data and a complete range of IT operations tools to gather, evaluate, and process data. Thereby, AIOps systems can perform the following:

- Enhancing analytics capabilities
- Real-time problem detection and rectification
- Identifying prospective operational issues before they surface

Leveraging The Data Flow For Competitive Advantage
It is the most critical aspect of your business experiences as you switch to the BMC Helix toolkit with AIOps. You can make the most of the information flowing through different sources to predict, identify, and rectify operational problems.
You will have a competitive advantage of getting notified before problems arise. Thus, your teams can use these notifications as actionable insights to nullify the possible technical issues to maintain a smooth and problem-free IT operations workflow.

AIOps Solution with Topology Reconciliation
BMC Helix offers the most advanced toolkit that simplifies problem-solving. The toolkit standardizes the elements and relationships to merging disconnected reports. Thus, you get a unified model to concentrate on dependencies and relationships.

So, by switching to the BMC Helix toolkit with AIOps, you will have a proactive mechanism to detect potential operational issues and resolve them quickly.

Features of the New, Improved BMC Helix Platform

As we know what the BMC Helix platform and the latest toolkit are, let’s discuss its features that help you achieve better business outcomes:

1. Leverages AI-NLP for Problem Management
The new BMC Helix toolkit with AIOps automatically detects clusters of ongoing incidents by adopting AI-Natural Language Processing. Thus, it is practical to streamline the proactive management of potential and recurring problems.

Moreover, it does that rapidly. The root cause is analyzed quickly with other causal impacts. So, detecting, identifying, investigating, and resolving operational issues takes surprisingly less time.

This enhanced problem-solving capability allows your teams to concentrate on more valuable responsibilities. Also, it reduces incident management load and helps improve service performance. Your teams can promptly respond to service requirements to ensure better customer satisfaction.

2. Automatic Incident Identification
The BMC solution automatically detects incidents relating to similar service or operations issues. As discussed above, problem detection occurs almost in no time.

Thus, it becomes easy to analyze the events by collecting, correlating, and applying intelligence. Ultimately, early problem detection leads to noise reduction and proper analysis. Teams can make out the root cause and resolve the problems. It takes less time, yet you can expect better accuracy.

3. Effective Root Cause Analysis
As discussed above, BMC Helix increases service performance through faster and better root cause analysis. You can view configuration items and relevant service events. These items may be the root cause of a service issue, a potential performance issue, or may impact services adversely.

You can conduct in-depth data analysis to recognize a single or a group of abnormally behaving metrics. These metrics trigger events, and you get notified accordingly.

4. Improved Real-Time Visibility
BMC Helix provides advanced, accurate real-time visibility through tile views and heatmaps. You can quickly view your organization’s current state of services at a glance. This service-centric monitoring helps you find the exact problem area faster.

These real-time views help your service teams avoid potential issues, proactively react to them, and resolve them at the earliest. Ultimately, these improved visualizations help you improve your service quality, performance, and promptness in delivering the right solutions your customers would expect.

5. Advanced Analytics
You can implement advanced analytics to streamline service desk and change management processes and make them efficient. The BMC Helix toolkit helps you optimize your service desk speed and offer better service quality. You can allocate resources to improve service performance as well.

You can also have a more detailed overview of change interdependencies. You can allocate and utilize resources effectively while starting new services.

Benefits of Migrating to BMC Helix with AIOps

After going through the incredible features BMC Helix with AIOps provides, let’s take a glance at the benefits the solution offers to help you achieve the best business outcomes:

1. Effective Synchronization At All Levels
BMC Helix brings key personnel on all levels of the service lifecycle to the same page. It provides a centralized dashboard where the top management, like the VP and Director of Operations, can define policies and strategies for outstanding service delivery.

Additionally, it helps keep the operations at lower levels in sync, such as the initiatives taken by the Network Operations Center Engineers and your on-site service team. Thus, all the stakeholders deciding on strategies and implementing them to ensure excellent customer experiences will work hand-in-hand.

BMC Helix with AIOps provides a platform for effective inter-team and cross-team communication for the best possible service performance. 2. Improved Scalability
Better resource allocation capabilities and improved scalability are significant benefits the BMC Helix platform with AIOps brings to your table. You can plan to use resources and talents that are required in service delivery.

Similarly, you can scale the service team as and when required. So, it becomes simpler to bring in additional resources or reduce them from a service project according to the project-specific requirements.

3. Supports All Major Cloud Platforms
BMC Helix with AIOps is a versatile tool, as it can be deployed on different cloud platforms, multi-cloud, and on-premise environments.

The ITSM solution supports leading cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

4. Updated User Interface
The all-new user interface (UI) improves the overall utility of the platform, allowing users to interact with the solution more effectively and efficiently.

The dashboards can predictively visualize time-series data from within the panel. This improved visualization helps your core service teams make informed decisions.

5. Better Remote Collaborations
The BMC Helix platform with AIOps offers excellent support to remote workers. Allocating service responsibilities to remotely working service engineers and monitoring the progress of their work can be simplified through the platform.

Similarly, remote workers can better collaborate with the other team members, update their contributions, and together the team can achieve milestones by delivering the best, beyond your customers’ expectations.

6. Encourages Agility
From the app or software development to offering phenomenal service support, all your operations can be performed by adopting agility. The latest BMC Helix platform with AIOps helps you divide tasks into sprints, let your team members work autonomously and discuss the project periodically.

Through effective work allocation, workflow orchestration, and reporting, the solution allows your teams proactively utilize their skills and work on the assigned modules efficiently.

7. Effective Utilization of Resources & Talents
As you work on the service project plan and roadmap, you can mark the resources and talents you need across the service lifecycle. You can engage the right team members for the right jobs at the right time.

The latest BMC Helix with AIOps leverages Artificial Intelligence to allocate responsibilities and engage your talent pool.

8. Cost Reduction
The BMC Helix platform allows your organization to switch from CapEx to the OpEx model. You can save costs for deploying, maintaining, and upgrading on-premise server infrastructure.

Migrating to the BMC Helix platform with AIOps remarkably reduces your operational expenses, as you don’t need a fleet of business apps to manage your operations.

9. Simplified Licensing
BMC Helix platform with AIOps can be deployed through a per-asset, subscription-based license. Thus, your organization pays for what your teams utilize.

As globally recognized BMC Helix service providers, we help you customize the solution per your operational needs and deploy the best-suited version to help you make the most of it.

10. Improved Business Outcomes
By combining DevOps and IT Operations, the excellent ITSM solution from BMC Helix helps you attain the best business outcomes. Your organization can expect productivity improvements, leading to profitability.

Efficiency in service delivery and improved service performance will take your organization to new levels of success and growth.

Rely On Us for BMC Helix Implementation

Zivra Technologies has been a trusted BMC Helix ITSM service provider for many years. Choosing us as your BMC Helix Implementation Partners can benefit your organization in many ways.

Our BMC-Certified ITSM Experts customize and deploy the latest BMC Helix toolkit with AIOps. We leverage our extensive BMC implementation experience and product expertise to help you adopt the latest ITSM solution.

Working with us for your BMC Helix platform implementation will ensure a smooth transmission and digital experience beyond your expectations.


The article covers the meaning of AIOps and the features and benefits of the BMC Helix platform with AIOps. We hope the technical aspects discussed here inspire you to adopt the most efficient ITSM solution to revolutionize your DevOps and IT Operations.

Choose us as your BMC Helix ITSM implementation partners to take the productivity and success of your organization to new heights.

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