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Zivra Technologies is a recognized SAP Consultant with unrivaled SAP software solutions knowledge. We provide SAP consulting services to businesses worldwide in a variety of industries. We offer top-tier SAP software solutions to make your business operations more efficient and profitable by obtaining the highest return on your investments.

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Our seasoned team of professionals offers comprehensive services across implementation, integration, and application-managed services on a wide range of SAP products while operating client-centered and transparently.

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SAP Analytics Cloud combines planning and analytics in a single cloud-based solution. You may instantly move from insight to action and construct plans from projections to assist in quick decision-making.

SAP systems and applications are widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It helps firms construct a centralized system that lets all departments access and share data to improve working conditions for all employees.

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SAP Solutions We Provide

There are hundreds of integrated modules in SAP, the most popular ERP program on the market, which covers almost every facet of business management. The success of your organization depends on selecting the appropriate SAP product and implementing it correctly. With our specialized SAP software solutions, which range from core ERP to cutting-edge and intelligent solutions, you can make your company future-proof.

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The SAP S/4HANA service is a cutting-edge business suite created to enhance smooth operations and give end users immediate active decision support. SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition is a ready-to-run cloud ERP that delivers the latest industry best practices and continuous innovation.

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Enterprise SAP environments are maintained, improved, and managed using SAP AMS services. Fingent AMS for SAP, FinAMSCare, delivers a full array of market-beating services to streamline application maintenance, save costs, and guarantee flawless IT infrastructure integration.

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The on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SAP ECC, assists in real-time digital data integration from various business units. Our SAP professionals can assist you in selecting the best functional elements to manage your company profitably and implementing a quick, low-risk, cost-effective SAP ECC.

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SAP Customer Experience

An integrated system, SAP Customer Experience combines several marketing, sales, retail, and CRM tools. From an initial point of contact with a firm, until they decide to make a purchase, every stage of business management is covered by the SAP Customer Experience suite. By utilizing SAP C/4HANA, SAP Hybrid, and SAP CRM, we assist you in better understanding your clients and providing excellent customer experiences.



SAP HCM is essential for creating well-organized administration in businesses. The SAP HCM package assists with various corporate operations, from providing excellent employee experiences to supporting transactional HR activities. To increase productivity in an agile environment and make plans for a future-intelligent organization, our SAP experts can assist you in reinventing your workforce and talent management.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

Gain access to enterprise planning, business information, and predictive analytics in a single package with SAP Analytics Cloud. Utilize real-time data and unearth valuable data to make sure-footed decisions. With our cloud knowledge, we can improve your business operations throughout the entire organization while assisting you in realizing a cloud-first strategy.

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Why Choose Us As Your SAP Service Providers

As a globally recognized SAP third-party vendor, we guide our clients through their digital transformation journey by implementing SAP. We undertake SAP Analytics Cloud installation projects and deliver excellent business value through comprehensive process improvements.

  • One-Stop Destination for SAP needs

    With a customer-focused approach, we aim at the best business outcomes for a global clientele as their most preferred SAP Managed Services Providers. As a recognized SAP Support Services provider, we serve as the one-stop destination to cover all your SAP needs, including licensing, infrastructure modernization, customization, implementation, support, and SAP Training for your IT teams.

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  • We systematically tailor SAP Analytics Cloud solutions as an enterprise core service to meet industry-specific needs. It provides value addition to your businesses while switching to digitalization.

  • As SAP Vendors, we specialize in analyzing, designing, and configuring new solutions as per your needs. We redesign forms, specifications, and interfaces to suit your business-specific requirements. Our experts assist you with SAP analytics cloud AWS platform migration, and work out a strategy to optimize SAP solutions, monitor the overall health of SAP apps, and ensure their availability and integrity for unmatched performance.

How May We Help You!

Get in touch with us by filling out the form below to discuss your SAP Management deployment needs. Contact us so that we can provide you with prompt answers to your questions from our customer service team. Join forces with us today to create a better future.

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SAP Frequently Asked Questions

SAP is an acronym for System Administration and Products, a global leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. As renowned SAP Managed Services Providers, we customize the solution for your technology needs, deploy it, and support it. We also provide SAP Training to upskill your existing IT teams.

SAP provides excellent data resources to help you manage and support databases, files in different formats, data transfer, and unstructured content across various languages. You can embed advanced analytics into applications for real-time results.
SAP enhances DevOps to enable the integration of on-premise and cloud-based applications. As a reputed SAP third-party vendor, we help you effectively utilize these technical capabilities.

SAP offers SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) with excellent integration and extension capabilities. Notably, SAP S/4HANA works on SaaS, similar to its on-premise variant.
You can opt for an SAP cloud application services subscription to manage the business process, solution release, performance, integration, and security. As SAP Consultants, we choose appropriate solutions and deploy them to suit your business-specific requirements.

SAP Pricing depends upon the scope of your SAP implementation and integration project. We analyze your current workflows and suggest, customize, implement, manage, and support appropriate SAP solutions to suit your needs as the most preferred SAP Support Services Provider.

It is wise to join forces with a reputed SAP Service Provider, as they possess, A knowledgeable workforce, Extensive implementation experience, and Product expertise to pick the most-suited SAP solutions.

SAP Managed Service Providers customize, develop, implement, and manage the SAP solutions for your organizations.

Similarly, the SAP vendors provide post-implementation support and SAP Training to upgrade the skills of your IT teams.

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