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bmc managed services


Your Most Trusted Technology Partner for BMC Managed Services
As a recognized BMC third-party vendor, we collaborate with a diverse clientele on a global scale to help their transition from a traditional IT infrastructure to a digital business.

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  • bmc consulting

About the Solution

We are a reputed BMC Consultant helping you adopt BMC's cutting-edge technology for various operational needs, including workflow automation, better service delivery, and many other things at the most competitive BMC pricing.

As a well-known BMC third-party vendor in India, we help you adopt solutions for self-service, Knowledge bases, service catalogs, mobility, chatbots with AI assistance, and ticket management. As the best BMC support service provider in Saudi Arabia, we assist you with embracing these features and aim to provide users with the best possible levels of efficiency, custom design, security, and user satisfaction.

We are among the most preferred BMC Partners, helping your businesses constantly deliver engaging and incredible user experiences to optimize brand value. Additionally, as a BMC Consultant, we assist you with making your organization responsive and accessible to everyone using any device, 24/7.

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Why Choose Us as Your BMC Software Implementation Partners

BMC Solutions Tailored to Your Needs
We, as a BMC Consultant, support and mentor our clients through their digital transformation voyage. We have been recognized as one of the top vendors for BMC Managed Services for many years. As BMC vendors, we consider the operational needs of our clients and then recommend, enhance, and tailor suitable BMC solutions in line with those needs.
Enhancement & Modernization
We are the most preferred BMC third-party vendor in Saudi Arabia helping you enhance your IT infrastructure. We make your IT infrastructure strong, resilient, secure, and capable of supporting contemporary applications and communications. As BMC service providers, we enable you to deliver the ideal blend of the most desired attributes.
Enhancement & Modernization
Additionally, being BMC Partners, we support, maintain, expand, and modernize that infrastructure as business requirements and technological advancements occur, doing so quickly and cheaply.
One-Stop Solution with Scalability
We are a BMC third-party vendor with extensive implementation experience. We design, develop, customize, and deploy the desired solution from the BMC suite of products. Being recognized as a BMC Consultant, we ensure uninterrupted usage of BMC solutions you adopt and deploy them by considering scalability to accommodate future expansion of your end users and features.

bmc support services

We are the most favored BMC Support Services Provider with extensive experience and product expertise. We have helped clients from different industries to adopt BMC solutions to upgrade the way they operate and manage their businesses being the best BMC support service provider in India.

As globally acclaimed BMC service providers, we also provide BMC Trainings to important IT team members of our clients. Our training is made to improve the abilities of IT specialists, enabling our clients to maximize the benefits of any BMC Solution by upskilling the same staff. We have a group of BMC-Certified IT experts skilled at tailoring the solution.

We focus on BMC Support Services to assist our clients in obtaining the ideal BMC Solutions to:

  • Control, integrate, and streamline their workflow while also increasing productivity

  • Better IT management and IT operations management

  • Excellence in cloud management and a host of other benefits

BMC Implementation Projects We Execute

We take on the following BMC Software Implementation projects as the most favored BMC Vendors:

bmc helix


With user experiences focused on people, BMC Helix implementation revolutionizes service management and enables your users to work more..

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bmc helix remedyforce

BMC Helix Remedyforce

Through superior IT operations management, this BMC Solution aids mid-sized firms in running organizations that are effective, compliant, and secure.

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bmc helix discovery

BMC Helix Discovery

We help you obtain a complete picture of all your data center assets, multi-cloud services, and their connections. BMC Helix Discovery for Multi-Cloud..

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bmc truesight

BMC TrueSight

AIOps platform BMC TrueSight lets complex and expanding businesses redefine how IT Operations teams provide quick, secure, and affordable services...

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bmc control

BMC Control-M

We deploy this digital business automation system called BMC Control-M to streamline and automate various batch application tasks. It enhances SLAs and speeds up..

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bmc smart reporting

BMC Smart Reporting

With its user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality, BMC Smart Reporting serves as a report writer on the Yellowfin platform enabling even non-technical users to create reports.

Discover Now

Zivra Technologies works with a global clientele as BMC support service providers by combining industry-leading software solutions with its own experience and knowledge to provide solutions that can satisfy customer needs. Zivra Technologies may assist you as a BMC third-party vendor in maximizing the business value your customers receive from your IT expenditures for availability, performance, reliability, and security.

Get in Touch with Our BMC Implementation Experts Today!

To discuss your needs for implementing the BMC Solution and BMC Support Services, reach out to us. Our customer support executives will contact you to resolve your queries and let you know what best we can do. After an initial discussion on your requirements, we pick a suitable BMC Solution, customize it, deploy it, and provide together with training and quick technical assistance in the event of any problems.

How May We Help You!

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bmc helix managed services

BMC: Frequently Asked Questions

BMC Software, Inc. is an US-based enterprise software and consulting company based in Houston, Texas. They have developed enterprise software products for multiple functions, including service management, workflow orchestration, automation, DevOps, AIOps, and security.

As implementing these solutions for your business requires high-level technical expertise. Therefore, it is essential to work with reputed BMC Partners, like Zivra Technologies to develop, customize, implement, and support various BMC Solutions.

BMC offers an excellent suite of enterprise solutions for different purposes, including DevOps, AIOps, workflow orchestration, automation, service management, and security. Your business needs a recognized BMC Managed Services provider like Zivra Technologies to adopt these solutions.

BMC solutions are customized and implemented as per your business-specific requirements. Reputed BMC Partners, like Zivra Technologies, customize appropriate BMC Solutions to suit your needs. They implement, support, and maintain the desired BMC products at a reasonable BMC pricing.

The implementation mode depends upon your current IT infrastructure. BMC Remedy platform, for instance, has multiple implementation options - BMC Remedy is an on-premise solution and BMC Helix is its cloud-based version with multi-cloud environment compatibility. BMC offers on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid solutions. Your BMC service provider chooses the most-suited solution and implementation method to suit your business needs.

The best way to adopt any BMC solution is to work with a reputed vendor offering BMC Support Services, like Zivra Technologies. They have technical expertise, extensive experience, and the desired aptitude to design, develop, customize, implement, and support the suitable BMC solution as per your needs. They also provide BMC Trainings to upskill your existing IT staff to operate the solution smoothly.

Email & Phone

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